The 24hr/48hr Changing Bag - Black

The 24hr/48hr Changing Bag - Black

Baby Fox

BEBEL simplifies the life of parents by creating THE practical changing bag par excellence in Oeko-Tex "linen effect" double gauze.

Convertible, it will adapt very easily to all your travels: use it in 24-hour format for everyday use and convert it into 48-hour format to go away for the weekend, for example, or to prepare your maternity suitcase

The inside of the bag, totally waterproof, is ideal for storing baby's essentials thanks to its 5 large pockets, one of which is zipped, and the 3 external compartments allow you to keep bottles, comforters, dummies and other items within easy reach.
This changing bag will be delivered to you with a large, adjustable shoulder strap.
Dimensions W. 55 x H. 27 x L. 17 cm (24H format) W. 55 x H. 50 x L. 17 cm (48H format)

قماش : Oeko-Tex linen effect double gauze

اللون : أسود

باقي٢ قطع فقط

Made in France

Care: machine wash at 30 degrees

All our products are handmade, so each product is unique and may differ slightly from the photos shown on our eshop.

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