The Jersey 24H - Grey

The Jersey 24H - Grey

Baby Fox

The Jersey 24H is a changing bag with a sportswear & chic look that will quickly become the ideal companion for parents!

The interior in silver fabric is totally waterproof and is ideal for storing baby's essentials thanks to its 5 large pockets, one of which is zipped, as well as 3 external compartments to keep baby's bottle, comforter, dummy, etc. within easy reach.

This changing bag will be delivered with a large adjustable shoulder strap.
Dimensions l.42 X H.27 X L.15 cm

اللون : رمادي

Made in France and in Portugal

Maintenance : Machine wash at 30°

All our products are handmade, each product is therefore unique and can present a slight difference with the photos put forward on our e-shop.

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